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A Personal Note from the Author . . .

If you are like most of the handicappers who land here, you are not happy with your results. More likely than not you have recently lost a significant amount of money and you are looking for something different. I can assure you that the Indicator Handicapping Method is unlike any other handicapping book that you have read but I can go much further than that. I can tell you exactly what you are doing wrong. You are trying to bet unplayable races.

Your handicapping skills should give you an unfair advantage over the average horse player who can only use hunches and luck but like most handicappers you never benefit from your knowledge of handicapping. Instead, you waist your money betting races where every horse in the field is an underlay. How can that happen? Well, don't forget that the government is cutting the betting pool. The government is very greedy and cares little about giving you any chances of making money. When it takes 20% out of the betting pool for itself, there are no profitable bets left in most races.

Unfortunately, many good handicappers get suckered into betting these races because they see horses that look very likely to win. Even if a horse does win, however, the payoff is never great enough to provide an overall profit for any significant series of wagers. So the net result is that the handicapper will lose money.

The key point to remember here is that it is much more important to know which race to bet than which horse to bet. Anyone who fails to realize this point will be condemned to a life of endless losses. Like a gambler in a casino, he will lose money no matter which game he plays because every game is stacked against him.

If you would like to develop this skill of knowing which races to play and which to pass, I invite you to watch the Indicator Handicapping Video below. Whether you follow the systematic handicapping method described in the book or you adapt its principles into your own handicapping style you will surely improve your play. In either case, you will be on the road to profitable betting.

The video you are about to watch is very old and low tech but contains a very important message. Please be patient and allow time for each segment to load. Thank You.

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Indicator Handicapping Video